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3Angular Bitumen Fillet

The Product

Soft triangular rubber bitumen fillet.

With 3Angular fillet it is possible to obtain watertight and flexible seals at the corners, intersections of and gaps between building elements.
The seal is simple, easy and quick to install.


- Sealing of the gap between the building's plinth and the asphalt pavement.

Underground water and moisture sealing of the old buildings are often inadequate and in particular, cellar rooms may leak from rainwater.

The use of 3Angular bituminous fillet prevents rain- and meltwater from entering the gaps.


- Waterproofing of corners and interior edges.

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.


The surfaces to be sealed should be cleaned of dust, dirt, and loose material.
The surfaces are dried if necessary with a gas torch, taking into account the safety instructions and regulations regarding the fire work.
3Angular is installed by heating the joining surface with a gas torch and immediately pressing the seal in place.

Carefully heat the fillet until the joining surfaces become oily.
The flame is directed so that the substrate is heated at the same time. The outer edges of the bar should be especially well adhered.
The seal bar is continued with the next bar by heating the end points and pressing them firmly together.
If necessary, the surface of the extension can be aligned with a hot iron.

Sizes and packaging

Other sizes are available on request.


The surplus product can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.

The plastic wrappings and cardboard box can be recycled.

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