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Extruding bitumen strips for various applications since 1970's

Our latest two hit products are fillets


3angular bitumen fillet is a triangle shaped flexible and weldable bitumen strip for easy application of waterproofing and sealing of the gap between the building wall and the asphalt pavement.


Triabit bitumen moulding is a harder version of 3Angular for corner sealing and fillet in bridges and roofs under bitumen based waterproofing membrane.

Polymer Modified Bitumen Strips
Modified Bulk Bitumen

High quality polymer modified bitumen products for professional use

Bitumen strips are used for water proofing and as adhesive connections of well casings, box culverts, and other precast concrete products. Other uses are waterproofing and sealing of gaps between building wall and asphalt pavement, and gluing of kerbstones. See more uses on our products page.

Today our products are exported throughout Scandinavia, European Union and Asia.

We keep our delivery times short and we are always interested to hear about new ideas and use cases.

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Bitumen Sealings Oy
Peltopolku 2
03400 Vihti

Timo Forsman, CEO
Tel. +358 407 508 949
Fax: +358 938 672 67

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