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Polymer Modified Bitumen Strips

For sealing and waterproofing the gap between building wall and asphalt pavement.

Used as a corner sealing and filling in bridges and roofs under bitumen based waterproofing. As a cant strip on roofs. No sawing. No waste pieces. Easy to attach.

For professional repair of leaking holes in drainage, tin roofs, and gutters. Overbanding tape for small cracks in asphalt driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Due to not having any backing the Kubit flashing tape is stretchable, flexible, and puttylike and therefore fills voids effectively and stands movements of the substrate.

For sealing seams between road lanes, in driveways, and parking lots. Prevents widening of cracks which often come between the two asphalt lanes caused by wear and erosion.

High quality polymer bitumen tape for gluing precast concrete kerbstones on asphalt, concrete or stone substrate. Can also be used gluing thick ceramic, concrete or stone path tiles on firm susbtrate. It provides flexible but extremely strong adhesion between the concrete or natural stone and the asphalt. Stonex Kerbstone Tape withstands all weather and normal traffic stress.

Elastostrip is used to joint precast concrete box culverts, manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, caissons, tunnels and ogee pipes.

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Polymer Modified Bulk Bitumen

= Cold resistance
= Softening point
= Penetration

Highly flexible and highly adhesive. For demanding use.

High quality rubber bitumen for waterproofing concrete surfaces

Wear resistant sealant bitumen for asphalt joints.

For fixing the saw cuts and tears of asphalt.

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Other Products

Well lid spacer made of HDPE plastic. For raising and fixing the slant of well covers.

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