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Joule Rubber Bitumen 100/50

The Product

Bitumen Sealings Oy's rubber bitumen is made for demanding applications requiring high softening point values, high flexibility, and excellent stretch recovery and cold properties. The product is made with high-grade bitumen and modified with synthetic SBS rubbers at our factory in Finland.

Joule Rubber Bitumen meets the quality requirements of PMB22/55-80

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.


Silicone cardboard box, 15 kg / box.
Pallet 100 x 120 cm
49 boxes, 735 kg / pallet.


In heating, use a bitumen boiler with a thermostat and a mixer.
Max. Temperature 190 ° C.



The recommended application temperature is 180-190 ° C

Downloadable documents:

Joule kumibitumi CE (in finnish)

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