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Kubit Pro Repair Tape

Flexible and stretchable Kubit bitumen flashing tape for general repair

The Product

The Kubit Pro repair tape is a multipurpose repair tape for water leakage, repair of slits and holes, and reinforcement of rusted joints.
The Kubit Pro repair tape contains rubber bitumen which makes the tape rubbery, stretchy and flexible.
Bitumen acts as adhesive to various surfaces, especially when the tape is heated.
Suitable for metal, glass, concrete, block work and wooden substrates.


Kubit Pro tape is fast and easy to install.


For repairing leaking gutters, tin roofs, sealing joints or holes in window frames.
To fill and seal the fissures and holes in concrete surfaces.

An overlay tape for asphalt fissure repair.

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.


Gutter repair

Clean the target surfaces of dust and debris as well as possible.
Measure and cut the required amount of Kubit Pro tape.
Dry surfaces with a gas torch or a hot air blower, taking into account the hot work safety instructions and regulations.
Use thick leather gloves.

Warm the tape from the side that is going to be against the substrate until the tape becomes soft and the surface oily.

Press the tape tightly against the leak. Press and wait few seconds.

Warm the edges of the tape until they become oily and spread using metal or wooden spreading tool so that the tape edges become thinner and blend to the substrate seamlessly.

Well attached, the tape forms a watertight bond and endures wear, sun and frost for years.

If the hole is large, first apply a smaller patch of Kubit Pro repair tape over the hole and then on top of it a second, larger layer.

Melt the first layer well so it adheres tightly to all the edges of the hole. Warm and spread slightly from the underside if accessible.

When applying the second layer, warm both tapes so the bonding surfaces become oily.

Then push the second layer firmly on top of the patch.

Work the edges thinner with a spreading tool as shown in the pictures above.

Together they form a flexible unified seal that withstands movements of the substrate.

Asphalt fissure repair

Clean the target surfaces of dust and debris as well as possible.

Warm the fissure and the tape simultaneously until the tape surface becomes oily.

Push the tape firmly on top of the fissure.

Standard profile

3 mm x 120 mm

In addition, the tape is pre-grooved to facilitate cutting it into narrower 3 mm x 30 mm strips.


The surplus product can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.

The plastic wrappings and cardboard box can be recycled.

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