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Stonex Kerbstone Tape

The Product

The product development of the Stonex kerbstone tape has utilized the decades' experience of professionals of concrete kerbstones.

Some of the advantages of Stonex kerbstone tape:

+ Ready to use immediately. No need for preparations, just peel open from the roll.

+ Elastic joint also in freezing temperatures

+ Fastens the stone quickly

+ Fast installation

+ Non-toxic



Adhesive for kerbstone installation. Also suitable for fastening thick tiles to solid substrates and roofing tiles on horizontal surfaces.

Bituminous Stonex kerbstone tape provides great adhesion

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.


Clean the area of installation of loose material and debris.

If there are unevenness in the asphalt apply two layers of kerbstone tape.

Mark the alignment with chalk line or iron wire. Use marking chalk for curved parts.

Set the stones on their side. Cut a corresponding length of tape from the roll and place it next to the kerbstones on the driveway side.

Warm up the asphalt so that all the water and moisture is removed and the asphalt is heated.

Aim the flame so that the bottom of the kerbstones are heated simultaneously with asphalt.

When the substrate is dry, lift the Stonex tape along the marked line on the asphalt.
Warm the strip so that the base of the kerbstone is warmed up at the same time.
When the surface of the strip has become oily, place the kerbstone.

Stonex 51m

Size: 100 mm x 3 mm

Package: 51 m

Color: Black

Stonex bulk mix

Also available as bulk mix for precast concrete manufacturers for fabrication of kerbstones with Stonex adhesive layer added at the plant.


Siliconized cardboard box 20 kg / box

Pallet 100x120cm, 49 boxes, 980 kg/pallet


The surplus product can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.

The plastic wrappings and cardboard box can be recycled.

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