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Triabit Bitumen Cant Strip

The Product

With the Triabit cant strip it is possible to obtain watertight rounded corners for concrete structures, for example on bridges. Triabit also works on roof corners without leaving any waste material.
Triabit cant strip is simple, easy and quick to install.


As a cant strip on bridges as a corner fillet of the bridge deck and side beam under the waterproofing bitumen membrane.

Rounding corners on roofs under the bitumen felt or membrane.

Advantages of a bitumen-based cant strip compared to wood or metal

- Because the Triabit cant strip is welded from both sides so that one side is attached to the horizontal base and another side to the vertical substrate, the corner is already made watertight prior to adding waterproofing membrane.

- When the felt is then applied on top of the Triabit cant strip, together they form a tight seal all the way down to the corner.

- Thanks to its moldability, the Triabit strip becomes one with the substrate and thus tolerates surface defects in the substrate.

- There is virtually no leftover materiel.
- With a single tool, a gas torch, the worker can install both the cant list in the corner and the waterproofing membrane on top of it.

- Since the base material of the fillet and the membrane are compatible, together they form a balanced element that reacts in unified fashion to temperature changes, water and chemicals.

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.


The surfaces to be sealed should be cleaned of dust, dirt, and loose material.
The surfaces are dried if necessary with a gas torch, taking into account the safety instructions and regulations regarding the hot work.
Triabit cant strip is installed by heating the strip's two joining surfaces with a gas torch and by pressing the cant strip immediately into place when the surfaces of the strip become oily.
The flame should be directed so that the substrate is heated at the same time as the strip.
The next cant strip is placed by heating the extension points of the two strips and pressing them firmly together.

If necessary, the extension surface can be aligned by using a hot iron.


Triabit bitumen cant strip is developed as a fillet in corners on the roof. It sticks well and can be torched on wood, concrete or blockwork. In addition to working as a cat strip it also gives additional waterproofing for the roof corners. APP and SBS Membranes can be applied on top of the cant strip.

Sizes and packaging

Other profile sizes are available on request.



The surplus product can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.

The plastic wrappings and cardboard box can be recycled.

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