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Trump-Asphalt Seaming Strip

Trump-Asphalt bituminous seaming strip for road lanes, parking lots and driveways

The Product

The Trump-Asphalt bitumen tape contains polymer-modified rubber, which makes it flexible and stretchable. The tape is installed into the joint between the asphalt lanes when laying the asphalt. It adheres into the asphalt edges firmly and molds into a flexible medium that bridges the gap between the asphalt lanes.

Trump-Asphalt rubber bitumen tape makes the pavement last longer by preventing water seeping into the joint and causing erosion and frost damage, and by preventing the widening of the gap by absorbing the movements caused by traffic and temperature changes.



For extending the longevity of pavement seams.

Elastic waterproofing tape for longitudinal and transverse joints of asphalt lanes. A beneficial investment also for driveways and car parks.

In Pothole repairs the Trump-Asphalt tape is recommended as an adhesive seaming compound between the old pavement and the new asphalt patch.

Hot work

Heating is a hot work that must strictly comply with the protection and safety guidelines of insurance companies.



Loosen the tape from the roll and place it against the recently paved asphalt lane side edge so that the thinner (10mm) side of the tape is becomes levelled with the surface of the lane.

Press the tape against the side edge of the lane.

Pave the next lane in place so that the tape is squeezed betwen the lanes.

The new lane warms the tape and molds it deep into the joint.

The tape melts and adheres between the lanes and forms a watertight seam.


Pothole repair

When patching damaged pavement, first remove loose remains of the old asphalt.

If the air is cold and the asphalt mix you are using has already cooled down, use a gas torch and make sure the tape softens properly.
Do not overheat, it is sufficient when the surface of the tape becomes oily.


10 x 50 mm


The surplus product can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.

The plastic wrappings and cardboard box can be recycled.

Downloadable content:

Material Safety Data Sheet

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